Town Secretary

2023-2024 Award of Excellence - Town of Westlake

The Town Secretary's Office has been recognized by the State of Texas Municipal Clerks Office as the 2023-2024 Award of Excellence recipient. This prestigious award recognizes municipalities that have demonstrated:

  • Efficient management in compliance with local, state and federal standards
  • Transparency and engagement with citizens, elected officials and staff 


The Town Secretary is appointed and reports to the Mayor and Town Council. The Office of the Town Secretary provides administrative support to the mayor and councilmembers. In addition, the office communicates openly and with efficiency to residents and citizens to enhance public participation by providing transparency in municipal government.

General responsibilities of the Town Secretary's Office include:

  • Accepting and processing requests for public information requests in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. 
  • Preparing and posting all Town Council Board of Trustees meeting agendas and affiliate boards in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
  • Attending all Town Council Board of Trustee meetings recording official meeting minutes.
  • Processing all Resolutions, Ordinances, and Contracts on behalf of the Town of Westlake. 
  • Ensuring Codification is complete of Town Ordinances.
  • Coordinating the annual board and commission appointment process
  • Serves as Chief Election Official for the Town of Westlake, overseeing joint elections with Tarrant and Denton county election administrators in accordance with state election regulations
  • Serving as the Records Management Officer of all Town records in compliance with the Texas State Library retention schedule. 
  • Holds the Seal of the Town of Westlake
  • The Town Secretary also serves as the Board Secretary for the Board of Trustees. (Town Council also serves as Board of Trustees)
  • The Town Secretary prepares and manages all resolutions and minutes pertaining to the Westlake Academy School Board.