The Town of Westlake is a master-planned community. All development in the town must adhere to a set of stringent requirements document in the Westlake Code of ordinances and, in certain instances, in planned development documents.

The Town of Westlake's Comprehensive Plan serves as the basis for all zoning.

Zoning Ordinances

The Zoning Ordinances for the Town of Westlake are part of the Westlake Municipal Code and in some cases governed by Planned Development District Zoning.

The Unified Development Code is contained in Chapter 26 of The Town of Westlake Municipal Code.

Development Codes

Zoning Districts

The Town of Westlake is divided into zones, or districts as shown on the Zoning Map. Zoning districts established according to Chapter 102 of the Codes and Ordinances are as follows:

Abbreviated DesignationZoningMinimum Lot Size
R-5Country Residential5 acres
R-2Rural Residential2 acres
R-1Estate Residential1 acre
RAResidential Airpark1 acre
MFMultifamily Residential200,000 s.f.
LRLocal Retail40,000 s.f.
OOffice Park200,000 s.f.
O-COffice Campus200,000 s.f.
O-HOffice Park - Hotel200,000 s.f.
O-IOffice - Industrial Park200,000 s.f.
PDPlanned DevelopmentDepends on PD
GUGovernment Useno min.

Zoning Map

You may view Westlake’s interactive zoning map by clicking this link or using the map below.

Zoning Process Flowchart

2. Submittal Processes-Zoning Process

Site Plan Process Flowchart

5. Submittal Processes-Site Plan Process