Public Art



The Public Art Plan implements a strategy that establishes goals, objectives, and the framework necessary to instill a Town-wide Public Art Program that brings the essence and character of Westlake. As development increases in Westlake, the Public Art Plan creates incentives for developers to introduce their own Public Art into the Town just like the Solana Office Complex accomplishes.

Public Arts Committee Mission Statement

The Westlake Public Arts Committee's primary task is the advancement of a comprehensive, curated master plan for the acquisition and installation of art throughout the Westlake community.

Goals and Objectives

The Public Art plan seeks to:

  • Develop a relationship with residents of what they value and see as important distinctions that separate Westlake from other cities
  • Understand what residents see as worthy of purpose and effect of Public Art
  • Preserve the natural fabric of the Town and how it should inspire the art
  • Facilitate the relationship between art and development over time
  • Interpret the relationship between Westlake, artists, and the larger arts community

Public Art Competition Advisory Committee

The Westlake Public Art Competition Advisory Committee is founded to establish a partnership between the Town of Westlake and distinguished representatives of the Regional Arts Community that will jointly pursue a Competition based Public Arts Program in Westlake, Texas which cultivates excellence in public art, nourishes and develops new and emerging talent, provides a venue for the recognition and promotion of such unique talent, and seeks masterpiece in public art works overall.

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