The policies ordinance (Ord 820 / Ord 844) seeks to establish the uniformity regarding the Comprehensive Plan while outlining the policies, standards, and procedures related to the review and approval of zoning requests, development proposals, development plans, and construction permit plans. The rapid pace of incoming development that the Town is experiencing makes it necessary to clearly state these policies and how they will be applied to Town growth in the future. Establishing these policies assures consistency in the interpretation of the Comprehensive Plan, application of the Comp Plan with regards to development, key considerations and development impacts.

What plans does this apply to?

  • Application for a Transfer of Development Intensity
  • PD Concept Plans
  • PD Development Plans
  • PD Site Plans
  • Permit Plans
  • Plats
  • Zoning Changes

What is reviewed?

For each section below the intended effect of the policy, thresholds of development magnitude, and plan review/submittal requirements are outlined in the ordinance.

  • Traffic Impacts
  • Thoroughfares and/or Improvements of
  • Parks, Open Spaces, and Trails
  • Town Design Structures
  • Town Facilities
  • Storm Water Conservation

Comprehensive Plan Implementation