Building Permits - Miscellaneous

Work Requiring a Permit

The following is a list of miscellaneous projects that require permits for work in the Town of Westlake:

  • Pools / Spas
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Irrigation
  • Grading
  • Roofs
  • Fences / Retaining Walls
  • Signs
  • Construction Trailers
  • Solar Panels 
  • Water Wells
  1. Permitting & Inspections

    Phone: 817-490-5718

  2. Dottie Samaniego

    Permit Technician
    Phone: (817) 490-5745

  3. Pat Cooke

    Chief Building Official
    Phone: (817) 490-5726

Permit Requirements

Please see the number of copies to submit to the Town for each type of permit.

Pool Permits

  • Approval from respective subdivision's ACC (Architectural Control Committee) / HOA
  • Site plan that shows the pool and all surrounding buildings
  • Dimension from water's edge to each building
  • All property lines must be shown
  • All easements must be shown
  • Plans require release from Tri-County
  • See Pool Permit Guidelines for more information

Irrigation Permits

  • One hard copy and one digital file of the plans are required at submittal
  • Plans should show the following:
    • Irrigation system layout
    • Connection to public water supply
    • Location of backflow prevention devices
    • Type of backflow device to be installed
  • Backflow tests must be performed by a registered, TCEQ licensed assembly tester.
  • An irrigation permits complete once a backflow test is received and the Final Inspection/Customer Service Inspection has been passed.

Single Trade Permits (MEPs)

  • Site plan that shows location of work to be performed may be requested depending on the size and scope of the project

Sign Permits

Signage regulations can be found under Chapter 70 - Signs of the Code of Ordinances. Additional ordinances may apply if the signage is located in a Planned Development Zoning District such as Entrada, Solana, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Circle T Ranch, etc...

Where a sign is in public ROW a ROW maintenance and license agreement to be approved by the Town Council is required. Please contact the Assistant Town Manager, Jarrod Greenwood for more information (

 Submittal requirements:

  • Site plan of sign location
  • Design / elevations of the sign
  • Sign dimensions
  • Type of sign
  • Type of lighting / lighting fixtures
  • HOA approval

Driveway/Approach Permits

  • Dimensional Control Plan
  • Paving Plans
  • Grading Plans
  • Drainage Plans
  • NCTCOG/Westlake Driveway Details
  • Horizontal/Vertical Control

Roof Permits

  • Site plans of location
  • Roofing material
  • HOA approval

Fences / Retaining Wall Permits

  • Site plan show location and scope of work
  • Dimension, height, and type of material
  • Retaining Walls over 4 feet require plans to be stamped by a professional engineer
  • HOA approval

Water Well Permits

  • Site plan that shows location of the well and all surrounding buildings
  • Landscape Plan showing screening of the well from ROW
  • HOA approval

Mobile Food Units / Trucks / Vendors

The Town of Westlake does not explicitly regulate mobile food units/trucks/vendors. However, the following can/may apply:

  • HOA or POA approval
  • 2015 IFGC
  • Tarrant/Denton County Health Department regulations 
  • A vendor may not be on a property for more than two hours