Water Rates

Concerned about your water bill? Want to learn more about your water rates?

Town staff wants residents to be aware of how they are being charged for sewer and water services and how they can be proactive to conserve this precious resource. 

2017 & 2018 Water Rate Study

Here you will find helpful PowerPoint presentations from the presentations shown to Council at their January 23, 2017 workshop/meeting and the February 26, 2018 workshop/meeting regarding the respective 2017 and 2018 completed rate studies.

The January 2017 adopted rates went into effect February 1, 2017, and remain in effect today. Information was also mailed and emailed to residents & stakeholders regarding this January 2017 rate adjustment after its adoption.

A Westlake Water Rate Position Paper (from 2013) 

Public Works Director Jarrod Greenwood wrote a position paper regarding the various rate structures used by municipalities across the nation and the theory behind Westlake's water and wastewater structure. We hope you find this paper helpful in understanding the rate model adopted by the Town of Westlake. While specific quantities of usage noted in this paper are not up to date, the theory behind the model is still valid today. 

To learn more, click here to review a previously published Q&A with links to additional resources.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email Public Works Director Jarrod Greenwood or contact him by phone at 817-490-5717 (Office) or 817-680-1422 (mobile).