Fall Clean-up Scheduled for October 8th

The annual fall clean-up and household hazardous waste drop-off for Westlake residents only will take place on October 8th & 9th. Two large dumpsters will be located at the Town of Westlake Maintenance Building at 2901 Dove Road both (location subject to change) Saturday & Sunday for residents to drop off their bulky waste. No commercial or construction waste will be allowed. This event is for our Westlake residents only. It's a great time to schedule your neighborhood clean-ups & garage clean-outs!

The Fort Worth Crud Cruiser will be on-site Saturday morning from 9:00 am -11:00 am to collect your Household Hazardous Waste. Here are some guidelines from the Crud Cruiser Crew:

  • Leave products in original, marked containers. If unlabeled, please label contents clearly.
  • Place leaking containers in a second container of like material (glass for corrosives, metal for flammables).
  • Place items securely in boxes or bins (no trash bags) in the trunk of the car or bed of pickup.
  • Remain in vehicle and allow staff to unload waste.

Please note: This event is for Westlake residents only. Valid ID or Utility Bill will be required to prove Westlake residency. No construction waste!

The dumpsters will be located in the Maintenance Building parking lot at 2901 Dove Road in Westlake:

HHW Location 2020

  • Bulk waste items typically include: mattresses, furniture, home goods, decorative items, rugs, construction debris, and appliances without Freon/refrigerant.
  • Hazardous waste items typically include, but are not limited to: paint, pesticides, antifreeze, oil, batteries (all kinds, including car batteries), brake fluid, fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. No tires please.
  • The Maintenance Facility gates will be open during the event, but may inhibit traffic flow if more than one vehicle is present. Please be patient & courteous to other residents trying to get in & out of the facility.

If you have an item that you are not sure is acceptable, please contact

Westlake Public Works Director Troy Meyer at (817) 490-5735 or

Republic Services at (817) 332-7301.