Anna White

Town Council Profiles
Title: Councilmember


Born in 1973, Richardson, Texas.


B.S. Biochemistry, U.C. San Diego, Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa (1995) MD, Emory University School of Medicine (1999) Family and Community Medicine Residency, U.T. San Antonio (2002) MBA, WGU 2020

Family and Community

Married to Stephen White, MD since 1998, two children: Bella graduated Westlake Academy in 2020, and Josh is currently at Westlake Academy.  I have experience in real estate, business, and medicine. I am a physician with a holistic approach to policy, development, and an ability to see the “big picture” and not miss the proverbial forest for the trees. I am a businesswoman who has an MBA, helped start 2 medical practices, and worked for Fortune 500 companies.

Vision for Westlake

My goal is to bring people together, strengthen community bonds, encourage engagement, and improve communication.   I love Westlake, and I want to preserve everything that makes Westlake special.   Our Town’s people are amazing, our town’s history is inspiring, and our town’s future is even brighter.


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