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Welcome to Westlake, Texas
Westlake is an oasis of natural beauty that maintain open spaces
in balance with distinctive development, trails, and quality of life
amenities amidst an ever expanding urban landscape. 
Nestled in
the DFW Metroplex, Westlake is a Gold Level Scenic City and
home to several corporate campuses including Deloitte University,
CoreLogic, and Fidelity Investments. 

Westlake Residents May Detect Change
in Taste and Odor of Drinking Water

The taste and odor of the drinking water coming from the City of 
Ft. Worth's North Holly Water Treatment Plant 
is changing due
to algae.

When algae dies, it gives off geosmin – a compound that
negatively impacts the taste and odor of drinking water.

Water Department officials assure customers the water is
safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and all other purposes,
even though it may have an earthy smell and taste.

In an attempt to try to mitigate the issue, the department increased
the dosage of ozone at the North Holly Water Plant. Ozone is used
to disinfect the drinking water, and it can help with resolving taste
and odor issues, but not in all cases. Very small amounts of geosmin
can affect drinking water’s taste and odor.

Customers may try to improve the taste of their drinking water by:
  • Refrigerating the water in an open container
  • Adding a slice of lemon or lime.
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