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January 2017: Water Conservation

January Water Conservation

Watering your lawn and keeping your grass green in summer in Texas can be rather difficult, as everyone knows, due to the water restrictions. However, those restrictions are almost always not in place come January, so many people may still have their sprinkler systems going multiple times a week, when they don’t need to be. As a result of that, your bills will be higher than they need to be, and water is being wasted. How do we change that?

First, grass doesn’t actually die during the winter – above ground, it just goes dormant and turns brown, and looks like it’s dead. The root system underneath is still alive and does need some water to stay alive during the winter in order to be revived, lush, and green for spring.

A popular suggestion is to water your lawn once a week for 30 minutes. This encourages the grass roots to go deeper into the soil, and tends to keep them hardier longer, rather than having shallow roots by watering for a few moments twice a week or so.

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