Vision Points

Sense of Place
The Town is home to several different types of community developments, which include residential, corporate and agricultural uses. Our largest residential neighborhood is home to a state of the art golf facility and many beautiful homes. Stagecoach Hills airpark is located along the historical stagecoach line which once transported passengers from Keller to Denton. Westlake residential neighborhoods include:

*Aspen Lane
*Stagecoach Hills

*Glenwyck Farms
*Terra Bella

*Mahotea Boone

*Wyck Hill

Town leaders foresaw the need for a facility to educate the children of Westlake in a local setting and to provide the citizens with a civic campus and a sense of community.

In 2003, the Town raised the funds to build Westlake Academy, the only open-enrollment charter school owned and operated by a municipality in the State. The Academy offers the rigorous International Baccalaureate curriculum, for grades K-12, and all residents are eligible to enroll their children.

The Town also utilizes the "shared services" configuration to provide cutting edge service delivery to our residents and customers. The staff steps outside the traditional roles associated with each department in a municipality and works in a cross-functional manner between the Town and the Academy programs. This assists us in keeping our overhead to a minimum while serving our community.

Caring Community
In an effort to foster citizen engagement, enhance our neighborhoods, and increase participation in the community, many of the residents serve on various advisory boards that are committed to furthering the mission of the Town and ensuring Westlake is truly a unique community.

The Westlake Historical Preservation Society was created to identify, preserve, and perpetuate the history of the Town and the Cross Timbers region. They host several annual events throughout the community and partner with Westlake Academy students to sponsor the Junior Historian Club - all in an effort to help keep history alive in Westlake.

The Town is committed to protecting and improving the quality of life of Westlake residents, businesses, and students by encouraging, inspiring, educating, and entertaining artistic and creative endeavors. The Public Art Society of Westlake provides a wide range of professional and artistic presentations to foster the arts in the community. Additionally, we are a co-sponsor of the free MasterWorks Concert Series with the Arts Council Northeast, who promote local artists through public concert events.

Westlake also hosts several local events to foster community involvement through events such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Decoration Day, Classic Car Show, and Arbor Day.

Exemplary Governance
Westlake is governed by a Mayor and Town Council with each of the five council members serving a two-year term. The Town Council also serves as the governing board for Westlake Academy, in the capacity of the Board of Trustees. The dual service configuration supports the cooperative delivery of program services for the Westlake community.

The Town Council appoints the Town Manager, who also functions as the Academy's Superintendent, establishes town policies, and serves as the legislative body of the Town. In this capacity, the Council also approves the Town budget.

The community is fortunate to have a dedicated group of residents who serve on our various boards and strive to promote the vision of the Town.

Service Excellence
The Town is staffed by a group of professionals who provide our residents and customers with the highest quality of public services in an efficient and responsive manner. The staff is involved in community gatherings, such as the neighborhood and parent meetings, concert series, and various holiday based events - as well as striving to maintain personal relationships with our residential population to foster the Sense of Place and Caring Community found in Westlake.

The Town's Leadership Team of department directors brings more than 150 years of collective municipal experience and knowledge to the Town along with a strong commitment to public service excellence.