Arrest Warrants

Enforcing the Laws
The Westlake Marshal's Office is a division of the Westlake Municipal Court and is staffed by a team of veteran law-enforcement professionals. Texas marshals are certified peace officers and have all the duties, responsibilities, rights, and authorities under the law as those of police officers, sheriffs, or troopers. It is the specific duty of the Marshal's Office to enforce the laws of the state, county, and Town of Westlake, and to vigorously and aggressively carry out the orders of the Municipal Court through the service of warrants and other court and civil process.

Types of Warrants Issued
It is important for the public to understand that in the State of Texas traffic violations and other Class C misdemeanors are criminal violations. Therefore, the failure of a defendant to correctly and adequately meet their obligations under the law will result in the issuance of criminal process against that defendant. The two most common types of criminal process issued by the Westlake Municipal Court are in the form of a warrant of arrest (alias warrant) and/or a capias pro-fine warrant.

Either form of warrant authorizes the Westlake marshal or any other peace officer of the State of Texas to immediately place you under arrest wherever you may be found, and then to take you to jail where you will await arraignment by a judge.

Note: If you are arrested outside of the corporate limits of the Town of Westlake, you may have to wait in custody up to 24 hours to be transported to our jail facility for arraignment.