Initial Contact After Receiving Violation

Following Up on a Citation
Please allow four business days prior to contacting the court regarding a citation. The officer is required to file the original charges with the court office before a clerk can assist you in processing your case.

The clerk’s office will assist you with all matters related to an explanation of your rights and responsibilities, as well as fine amounts or other information pertaining to your citation. Staff is not allowed to offer legal advice or counsel you as to the best way to handle your citation with the court. After hearing your available options, each defendant should consider the matter carefully and determine which course of action best suits your individual needs - according to the time you have available to appear in court, complete defensive driving, progress through deferred disposition, etc.

Lobby Hours

  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Monday - Friday
  • (Except when court is in session)

On court days, the courtroom (suite 7100, on the 1st floor) opens at 3:30 pm to begin defendant check-in for court. If you arrive early, please wait outside the courtroom for the bailiff to begin the check-in process.

Appearing in Court
Court appearance dates are assigned on each citation issued. The court date is located on the front of the citation towards the bottom above the defendant signature. To avoid having a warrant issued, you must either visit the court offices during the hours of operation stated above any day/time prior to 4:00 pm of the assigned court date or check in at 3:30 pm on the assigned court date to plead your case with the judge.