Expired Vehicle Registration (TC 502.407)

If you have received a violation for expired registration, the citation can be dismissed only under these conditions:

  1. You must renew the registration within 20 business days from the date of the violation.
  2. You MUST pay the penalty fee to the State when you are registering your vehicle. (TC 502.407 and TRC 502.176) Should you send someone else to purchase your vehicle registration and they do not pay the penalty fee the Court cannot dismiss the charge.
  3. Pay the administrative fee of $20 to the Court with a copy of the registration renewal form. (The administrative fee is in lieu of the full fine amount and will save you - on average $130.00)

Under no circumstances will any court personnel come out to your car and view the registration sticker as proof or renewal. A picture of your sticker on the window is not sufficient to obtain a dismissal of this type of violation.