Street Name Look Up

Use the table below to search for existing and proposed street names within the Town of Westlake. In addition, you may view the Town of Westlake Interactive Map for a visual representation. 

Street NameSubdivisionStreet Status
Ainsley CourtKnolls at SolanaExisting
Andorra DriveEntradaExisting
Aragon DriveEntradaExisting
Arta DriveEntradaExisting
Ascension TrailKnolls at SolanaExisting
Aspen LaneShelby EstatesExisting
Barcelona CourtGranadaExisting
Bear WayFidelityExisting
Blue Sky DriveVaqueroExisting
Bluffview DriveQuail HollowExisting
Brazos CourtVaqueroExisting
Broken Bend DriveGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Bull WayFidelityExisting
Campus CircleSolanaExisting
Capital ParkwayFidelityExisting
Cardona DriveEntradaExisting
Carlyle CourtCarlyle CourtExisting
Casa Bella CourtTerra BellaExisting
Castellon DriveEntradaExisting
Castilian PathGranadaExisting
Catalonia CourtEntradaExisting
Catalonia DriveEntradaExisting
Cedar Elm TerraceVaqueroExisting
Comillas CourtEntradaExisting
Comillas DriveEntradaExisting
Copperfield CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Cordoba CoveGranadaExisting
Cortes DriveEntradaExisting
Costa BravaEntradaExisting
Costa del SolGranadaExisting
Creekwood CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Cypress WayQuail HollowExisting
Davis BoulevardN/AExisting
Deloitte WayDeloitteExisting
Destiny WayFidelityExisting
Dove RoadN/AExisting
Fair Oaks CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Fair Oaks DriveGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Falcon PassVaqueroExisting
Forest Knoll DriveKnolls at SolanaExisting
Fountain Grass CourtVaqueroExisting
Gaillardia CourtVaqueroExisting
Girona DriveEntradaExisting
Glade CourtQuail HollowExisting
Granada TrailGranadaExisting
Hawthorn PlaceVaqueroExisting
Hidden Springs CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
High Country DriveVaqueroExisting
Highland Knoll DriveKnolls at SolanaExisting
Hunters LaneVaqueroExisting
Janet CourtStagecoach HillsExisting
King Fisher DriveVaqueroExisting
Knollwood DriveKnolls at SolanaExisting
Lakeshore DriveQuail HollowExisting
Little Bluestem CourtVaqueroExisting
Longhorn CircleWestlake RanchUnder Construction
Mahotea Boone TrailMahotea BooneExisting
Meadow View CourtQuail HollowExisting
Meandering Way DriveQuail HollowExisting
Millstream CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Mustang DriveWestlake RanchUnder Construction
Navasota CoveVaqueroExisting
Nighthawk CourtVaqueroExisting
Oak Glen LaneQuail HollowExisting
Ottinger RoadN/AExisting
Parish Lane @ 170N/AExisting
Parish Lane North of 170N/AProposed
Pearson LaneN/AExisting
Perdenalas TrailVaqueroExisting
Piedra CourtEntradaExisting
Placid Oaks CourtQuail HollowExisting
Placid Oaks LaneQuail HollowExisting
Post Oak PlaceVaqueroExisting
Promontory CoveKnolls at SolanaExisting
Quail Hollow DriveQuail HollowExisting
Ridge CircleQuail HollowExisting
River Oaks DriveGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Roanoke RoadN/AExisting
Rock Dove CourtVaqueroExisting
Roses DriveEntradaExisting
Sam School RoadN/AExisting
Scenic CircleQuail HollowExisting
Schwab Way Charles SchwabExisting
SH 170 Main LanesN/AUnder Construction
Scissortail PlaceVaqueroExisting
Seville CoveGranadaExisting
Shady Grove CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Sleepy Hollow CourtGlenwyck FarmsExisting
Solana BoulevardN/AExisting
Stagecoach CircleStagecoach HillsExisting
Steve CourtStagecoach HillsExisting
Sunrise CourtWestlake RanchUnder Construction
Sunset CourtWestlake RanchUnder Construction
Swallowtail CircleVaqueroExisting
Tarragona DriveEntradaExisting
Terra Bella DriveTerra BellaExisting
Thornton DriveStagecoach HillsExisting
Timber Ridge LaneN/AExisting
Trace Bella CourtTerra BellaExisting
Valencia CoveGranadaExisting
Value LaneFidelityExisting
Vaquero Club DriveVaqueroExisting
Vaquero Estates BoulevardVaqueroExisting
Village CircleSolanaExisting
Vista CourtQuail HollowExisting
Westlake ParkwayN/AExisting
White Wing CoveVaqueroExisting
Whitwood CoveKnolls at SolanaExisting
Wills CourtVaqueroExisting
Winbury WayKnolls at SolanaExisting
Wisteria WayVaqueroExisting
Wood Thrush CourtVaqueroExisting
Wyck Hill LaneWyck HillExisting