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JT Ottinger Road

Posted July 27, 2022

Road repairs at the Ottinger Road bridge (near the cemetery) is scheduled to begin Monday, August 1st lasting one week. A complete road closure may be necessary at times, but we will provide a detour. Please use caution and follow directional signage. 

Fall Cleanup 2022: October 8th

Posted 01/31/2022

Drop off any bulk waste at the Town of Westlake Maintenance building located at 2901 Dove Road. Fort Worth's Crud Cruiser will be there from 9 to 11 am to collect your hazardous waste. 

See our dedicated page for more details.

Solana Boulevard

Posted May 21, 2021

Solana at Granada, beginning May 18th & lasting for around 3 weeks. Click here for details.

Pearson Lane & Roanoke Road Due for Upgrades

Posted May 5, 2022

Pearson Lane & Roanoke Road will both be getting some much needed upgrades this summer. See our Street Maintenance page for more details.

JT Ottinger Road

Posted May 21, 2021

JT Ottinger Road will be updated in three phases between June 1 & August 1. 

Click here for dates & locations.

Town Hall Closed Friday, April 15th, 2022

Posted 04/14/2022

Westlake Town Hall will be closed Friday, April 15th in observance of the Good Friday & Easter holidays. If you have a water, sewer, or streets emergency, please call the after hours number for assistance: 817-490-5729.

Trash will run as scheduled on Friday.

***Trash Pickup Canceled Due to Inclement Weather***

Updated 02/04/2022 at 12:45pm

Message from Republic Services regarding this week's trash pickup:

Based on the forecast for refreezing what is melting tonight we have determined for the safety of our employees and customers, we will not run any residential routes on Saturday and will resume normal service next week. Since next week is bulk/brush, we will collect outside of the carts.  Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Electronics Recycling, Shredding, & Christmas Tree Drop-Off: January 8th

Updated 12/16/2021

The Town of Westlake will be holding a special electronics recycling event on Saturday, January 8th, 2022 at 10:00 am for Westlake residents. In addition to the electronics recycling, we will also have a document-shredding truck & a Christmas tree drop-off on site. The event will be held in the Solana Terrace parking lot at the 1600 Solana Boulevard entrance. 

See below the flyer for full list of items. Some items carry charges to drop off. The Town of Westlake will cover the first $25 of fees, and the resident will be responsible for anything beyond that amount. 

Those charges must be paid by cash or check only!

Call or email Dianna Orender in the Public Works Department with any questions: 817-490-5732, 

E-Waste Recycling Event Jan 8







COMPUTERS & TECH                                         

Desktop computers
Laptops, tablets, & batteries
Servers (desktop & rack-mount)
Server Racks, cabinets, & mounts
Hard drives & data storage devices
Networking equipment
Routers & switches
Flatscreen monitors & TV's
Printers, fax machines, & copiers
UPS systems & power supplies
Keyboards & mice
Wires, cords, cables, & power bricks
Toner cartridges (new & used)
A/V Equipment
Laserdisc, DVD’s, VHS players, cable boxes
Cameras & camcorders (digital & film)
Video game systems & accessories
Cell phones & batteries
Disk & tape drives, CD’s, DVDs, & data tapes





Lead acid & auto batteries
Household use batteries
Hospital & medical equipment
Metal filing cabinets & fixtures (may be a charge for large items)

Scrap metals (aluminum, steel, copper, etc)

Cardboard, boxes, & paper

Packaging materials

Rigid scrap plastic (1-7)

Textiles (clothes, shoes, purses, belts, etc)

Toys, stuffed animals, broken jewelry












Certified hard drive wipe: DOD Level ($20)
TV’s of all types ($25)
CRT Monitors & Terminals ($10)
Cracked flatscreen monitors ($5)
Florescent bulbs ($5 per bulb)
Refrigerators ($20)
AC Units ($20)
Freezers ($20)
Office chairs ($5 if broken or worn)

Large fixtures (Dependent on size)
Wooden furniture (Dependent on size)


Town of Westlake will cover the first $25 in fees for every Westlake family. 

Must show proof of residency!

Donated shoes will go to

Items NOT accepted: chemicals, paint, tires, or needles.

We will have medication disposal bags available for pickup provided by our Westlake Fire/EMS Department!

If you need to dispose of chemicals or paint, Town of Westlake provides vouchers for disposal with the City of Fort Worth.

Holiday trash pickup will run normally on Friday

Posted 12/29/2021

Trash pickup this week will run normally on Friday, December 31st

Town Hall will be closed Friday, December 31st. If your trash or recycling was missed, you were expecting a cart delivery, or have any other trash complaints during the holiday, please call our on-call number:


OR you can email Dianna with the Public Works Department:

Have a wonderful holiday!

New Sewer Rates Approved for 2021

Posted 03/17/2021

At the December 7, 2020 Town Council meeting, rate consultant NewGen Strategies & Solutions presented a proposed rate increase. Key drivers included an increase in customers, projected sewer consumption, and operation expenses.

On December 14, 2020, Town Council accepted and passed Ordinance 917, establishing a new wastewater rate and fee schedule. 

You can view the new rate schedule here.

2021 Utility Billing Dates

Posted December 14, 2020

Everything will be done to adhere to this schedule. Due dates are also the auto-draft dates for both bank drafts & credit card drafts. For instructions on setting up your account to auto-draft, see this page for instructions on how to log into your online account.

Billing: 8
Due Date: 27

Billing: 8
Due Date: 25

Billing: 8
Due Date: 29

Billing: 8
Due Date: 26

Billing: 7
Due Date: 26

Billing: 8
Due Date: 28

Billing: 9
Due Date: 28

Billing: 6
Due Date: 27

Billing: 8
Due Date: 27

Billing: 8
Due Date: 27

Billing: 8
Due Date: 29

Billing: 7
Due Date: 29

Trash Pickup for Thanksgiving Week

Posted November 10th, 2021

Trash pickup for Thanksgiving week will move ahead one day to Saturday, November 27th. Bulk pickup will also run on that Saturday. 

Trash pickup for the weeks of Christmas & New Year's will run normally, on Friday. Happy Holidays!

Getting Back to "Normal" After COVID-19

Posted October 15, 2020

Of course, COVID-19 has not left us yet, but we are all finding our new normal. We heard some feedback from our utility billing customers that the turn-around times between bills being issued & the due dates was too fast. Due to the USPS slowdown recently, we expanded that time & it looks like it's here to stay. The new turn-around time will be closer to 3 weeks now.

We also had to adapt how we processed our utility billing payments with everyone working from home & saw a great increase in automatic bill pay subscribers! If you would also like to sign up, that process is detailed on this page

And finally, with more of our residents staying home during the day, greater attention has been paid to our everyday water consumption. If you would like to monitor your water consumption, you can sign up for our Eye on Water program. It is optional & absolutely FREE! Your water meter will send the system a read once per day with all of the consumption data from the previous 24 hours. You can set up leak alerts & catch small problems before they become big problems. 

We are all adapting in many ways to our new circumstances. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions or need assistance.

Hot Summer Months Bring Higher Water Bills

Posted July 7, 2020

You can monitor your water consumption through our Eye On Water program. If you are concerned about your high water bills, this is a great place to start. You can see when your consumption is taking place & how much is being used. Your daily totals are uploaded to the system once a day, but they are staggered throughout the day so they are not all sent at once. 

If you’d like to view our current rate schedule, you can view it here.


Posted 10/08/2021

Drop off bulk trash and household hazardous waste at our annual cleanup event on October 23rd. You must be a Westlake resident to participate. Please see our dedicated page for details.

Fall Cleanup 2021

Trash & Recycling Services for the Good Friday Holiday

Posted April 1, 2021

All services will run normally on Friday, April 2nd. No changes.

Trash Pick-up Moved to Saturday Due to Inclement Weather

Posted 02/17/2021

Due to the inclement weather events of this week, Republic Services need to move our pick-up day to Saturday, February 20th for this week only. No recycling, brush, or bulk trash will be picked up.

Christmas Tree Pickup

Posted January 4, 2021

Christmas trees will be picked up on Friday, January 8th as part of Westlake's regularly scheduled bulk pickup. If the tree is taller than 5 feet, it will need to be cut in half. 

As a reminder, bulk pickup is on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month! See blow for bulk pickup guidelines. If you have any questions, please email us at

Trash Rate Increase Effective January 1st, 2021

Posted 11/09/2020

On Monday, October 26th, Town Council approved a rate increase for trash & recycling services. As of January 1st, 2021, the charge for basic services will increase by $1.70. The total charge for one trash & one recycling cart will be $14.24. This basic service still includes twice-monthly bulk pickup.

Per the Town’s contract with Republic, our customers are subject to a rate increase of 3.5% each year. There were no increases for 2019 or 2020. The rate adjustment is related to the following:

  • Annual cost increases for containers, trucks, employees
  • Recycling processing costs continue to rise
  • Disposal cost increases

Republic is including a 90-day green waste pilot program, which will be offered in the Spring of 2021.

2021 Sewer Billing to be Determined by Winter Quarter Average

Posted 11/04/2020

Every year, the Town of Westlake Utility Billing reviews every resident's water usage from December through February in order to calculate their sewer bill for the upcoming year. New sewer charges will show on the April bills.

Please see our dedicated Winter Quarter Averaging page for more details.

Utility Billing Dates for 2020

Updated August 24, 2020

*Due dates for September-December have been updated*

January 8 Billing
January 22 Due Date/Auto-Draft

February 7 Billing
February 21 Due Date/Auto-Draft

March 10 Billing
March 24 Due Date/Auto-Draft

April 7 Billing
April 21 Due Date/Auto-Draft

May 7 Billing
May 21 Due Date/Auto-Draft

June 9 Billing
June 23 Due Date/Auto-Draft

July 9 Billing
July 23 Due Date/Auto-Draft

August 7 Billing
August 21 Due Date/Auto-Draft

September 9 Billing
September 28 Due Date/Auto-Draft

October 7 Billing
October 26 Due Date/Auto-Draft

November 10 Billing
November 30 Due Date/Auto-Draft

December 8 Billing
December 28 Due Date/Auto-Draft

One-time credit card transaction function has been restored as of 10:15am on October 14th 

If you made a one-time online payment or the function timed out on you between the dates of September 26th & October 14th, please double-check your utility bill & your credit card statement. Payments made during this time were delivered to our bank, but NOT Utility Billing. Some (but not all) of those payments were processed twice. 

Payments attempted between October 9th & October 14th did not make it to our bank OR Utility Billing. If you are not sure, please feel free to email Dianna in Public Works at or call her at 817-490-5732.

***Due to network maintenance, the Online Account Management system will be offline beginning at 5:00 pm, Thursday, September 24, 2020. We are not sure how long systems will be offline, but it could be a few hours.***

Trash Pickup for September 11th

Posted September 4th, 2020

Trash, Recycling, & Bulk Pickup will not be affected by the Labor Day holiday. All pickups will proceed as scheduled.

Westlake Town Hall Closed until further notice

Updated May 12, 2020

Due to recommendations of state and local officials, Westlake Town Hall is currently closed with staff working remotely.  We are still working for you and providing services!

Public Works Field Technicians will continue to be on-site to monitor water quality and make any necessary repairs. If you have any immediate issues, please call the after-hours emergency line at 817-490-5729. If you have trash issues (broken carts, need extra carts, trash not picked up), please call Dianna in the Public Works Department at 817-490-5732. If you have issues that can be addressed via email, you can email the department at

Utility Billing will continue as scheduled. Please continue to make payments on your accounts. If you would like to make online payments, here is the Online Account Setup Guide.* The mail will still be delivered, so if that is your preferred method of payment, proceed as normal. Email Dianna in Public Works with any questions or concerns: 

Please know we remain committed to providing high-quality customer service even through this closure. We ask that you conduct all Town business through online services, electronic communication, or telephone. We look forward to serving you and appreciate your patience. Please check our website for frequent updates and more Coronavirus COVID-19 information.  Thank you. 

*If you sign up for automatic bank draft, you must have your registration completed by 8:00 am on Thursday, September 24th.

Trash Service for July 3rd - Running Normally

Posted July 2, 2020

Trash & Recycling pickup services for Friday, July 3rd will run as scheduled.

Vaquero Trash Pickup for Friday, July 31

Posted 07/28/220

Please contact Vaquero HOA for details on your road closure schedule. Trash & Recycling will be picked up early on Friday, July 31st. Please set all trash carts out on the evening of Thursday, July 30th.

Road Closures Scheduled for July 22-24

Posted 07/21/2020

Aspen Lane: Closed Wednesday, July 22nd & the morning of Thursday, July 23rd. Click here for details

Wyck Hill Lane: Closed Thursday, July 23rd & Friday, July 24th. Click here for details

Westlake Academy: Closed Thursday, July 23rd & the morning of Friday, July 24th. Click here for details

Vaquero: Contact Vaquero HOA for details on your road closure schedule. Trash & Recycling will be picked up early on Friday, July 31st. Please set all trash carts out on the evening of Thursday, July 30th.

Trash Service for July 3rd - Running Normally

Posted July 2, 2020

Trash & Recycling pickup services for Friday, July 3rd will run as scheduled.

Fort Worth ECC Temporarily Closed

Updated June 17, 2020
On June 12, 2020, the City of Fort Worth, Environmental Collection Center (ECC) received confirmation of a positive Covid-19 test. With this in mind, the Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center has made the difficult decision to close the site effective immediately to be sterilized.

The ECC will reopen on Thursday June 18, 2020. Operations on that day will resume as normal:

  • Thursday and Friday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

New Winter Quarter Averages to Appear on April Bills

Posted April 6, 2020

Winter Quarter Averaging determines your sewer bill. Your water usage from December, January, & February (typically the months with the lowest consumption) are averaged together, and your sewer will be billed using that average. The utility bills issued on April 7th will reflect these new averages. 

If you have a dispute, please review your water usage from December through February first. Previous bills are available to view with our online account management system. To sign up, use these instructions. From your main account page, under action to perform, choose "Show Consumption History." If you would like to file for an adjustment, please fill out the Leak Adjustment form at this link.

Please visit our dedicated Winter Quarter Average page for more information.

Special Instructions During the COVID-19 Situation

Republic Services is now ONLY accepting trash that is properly bagged and placed entirely inside the cart. This small gesture will reduce the contact our sanitation workers make with our trash. Recycling should proceed as usual with no bagging. Also, please be mindful of your cart placement. We want to make sure that all carts are accessible to the trucks for pickup. Bulk pickup will proceed as usual for the foreseeable future, but Republic has asked that our residents bag as much bulk waste as possible. 

Here is Republic’s Coronavirus Update page for more information.

Winter Quarter Averaging Ended in February

Updated March 13, 2020

Winter Quarter Averaging determines your sewer bill. Your water usage from December, January, & February are averaged together, and your sewer will be billed using that average.

Your new sewer charges will show on your next bill, which will go out on April 7th. If you have a dispute, please review your water usage from December through February first. If you would like to file for an adjustment, please fill out the Leak Adjustment form at this link.

Please visit our dedicated Winter Quarter Average page for more information.

Residents who Pay Online via their Bank

Posted November 4, 2019

If you pay your utility bill via your bank’s website or app, now is a great time to make sure that the Town’s mailing address & your utility account numbers are up to date & accurate. The end of the calendar year is a great time to make sure everything is up to date!

Residents who transferred in-town or took over a family member’s account without moving, please double-check your account numbers. Every time an account changes hands, the number changes. 

Residents who moved to Westlake before July 2017 may still be using Town Hall’s old address at 1301 Solana Blvd. That forwarding request is about to expire, so PLEASE double-check the mailing address that your bank is using. We don’t want anyone’s payments being delayed over a mail snafu! Here is the Town’s current mailing address:

Town of Westlake
1500 Solana Blvd
Bldg 7, Ste 7200
Westlake, TX  76262

You can also sign up for automatic bank draft through your online utility account. Here is the quick setup guide to get you started. Keep in mind that you must update your password before the system will give you access to most functions.

If you need help, please feel free to call (817-490-5732) or email Dianna Orender with the Public Works Department.

Post Office No Longer Forwarding Mail Addressed to Town’s Old Addresses

Posted November 7, 2019

If you regularly send utility payments through either your online banking site or an automatically printed check system, please check the mailing address. The Post Office has forwarded mail addressed to 3 Village Circle1301 Solana Blvd for far longer than our forwarding order requested. The end of the year is a great time to review all of your online account information to ensure accuracy. Please make sure all utility payments are addressed to:

Town of Westlake
1500 Solana Blvd
Bldg 7, Ste 7200
Westlake, TX  76262

Or if you’d like to avoid the hassle, automatic draft payments are available.

If you suspect your payment was returned to the bank, please check with your bank first. You do not need to contact Utility Billing to notify us, as we are aware. Any late fees or penalties will be waived due to the unexpected nature of this situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Public Works Assistant, Dianna Orender at 817-490-5732 or email at

Christmas & New Year’s Day Trash Pickup Schedule

Updated December 26, 2019

Town Hall will be closed December 24th & 25th for the Christmas holiday. Trash pickup will move forward one day to December 28th and will include the regular Bulk Pickup service.

Town Hall will also be closed for New Year’s Day. Trash pickup will move forward one day to January 4th. 

Christmas trees will only be picked up on bulk pickup days. There will be no need to chop or bundle the trees. The next two bulk pickup days will be Saturday, December 28th & Friday, January 10th.

Thanksgiving Week Trash Pickup Schedule

Posted November 19, 2019

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, trash pickup will be on Saturday, November 30th.

Dove/Ottinger to be Repaired in Early August

Updated September 20, 2019

Reliable Paving will soon be repairing & sealing the stretch of Dove/Ottinger Road between Davis Blvd & the Academy. Repairs will begin August 5th and should take around two weeks, weather permitting.

Please be aware & let your neighbors know we may experience lane closures and detours. Our local cyclists may want to plan a different route during that time. Please call or email the Public Works Department if you require further details.

UPDATE: Crack sealing will go on for the next two weekends (08/31 & 09/07). Once that is complete, crews will begin the re-striping, which should take about a week, weather permitting.

UPDATE: Crack sealing should be finished up this Saturday (09/21). Striping will take place as soon as that is complete.

Frontier Internet Outages

Posted July 10, 2019

We have been getting reports from some Frontier customers that they are experiencing an interruption to their internet service. Frontier customer service is quoting our residents 10-14 days before they can come out for repairs.  We are in touch with Frontier regarding this issue. 

Here is the website Frontier provided that allows us to check on service outages.

And here are the contacts that you may call or email if you have problems: 

Area GM – Ryan O’Neill – 940-765-1187

SVP & GM – Pedro Correa – 469 – 646 – 9026

Fall Cleanup Scheduled for October 26th

Posted September 13, 2019

This year’s Fall Cleanup will be Saturday, October 26th. Fort Worth’s Crud Cruiser will be available from 9-11am that day to collect your household hazardous waste items. Large dumpsters for disposing of bulk waste will be available both Saturday & Sunday of that weekend. This event is for Westlake residents only. Please be prepared to show ID & a utility bill to prove residency. 

The event will be held at the Town of Westlake Maintenance Building (formerly the Old Fire Station) at 2900 Dove Road. See our dedicated Fall Cleanup page for more information. 

Town Hall Closed for Memorial Day

Posted May 24, 2019, 4:00pm

Town Hall will be closed Monday, May 27th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. If you have a water or sewer emergency that requires immediate attention please call the after hours water emergency number at 817-490-5729. You can also email the Public Works Department at if you have a matter that needs attention when we return to the office on Tuesday, May 28th. 

Trash pickup will NOT be affected. It will run as scheduled on May 31st.

The next bulk pickup day will be June 14th.

Accident on Hwy 170 Interrupts Power to Academy

Updated May 17, 2019, 4:15pm

Earlier this afternoon, a semi-truck was involved in a major accident on Hwy 170 at Roanoke Road. This resulted in a power outage at Westlake Academy and intermittent phone & internet outages at Town Hall. 

The situation has been cleared & services have been restored. If you are having problems with these services, please call the Public Works after-hours number at 817-490-5729.

Trash & Recycling Rate Changes: 

Updated May 13, 2019

We want to let our residents know about a rate increase from Republic Services regarding trash and recycling services. While Republic has not raised our service rates since 2016, a representative was present at the June 18, 2018 Town Council workshop to explain the recent changes in the recycling commodities market and the need for the rate increase. For more detail, here is a link to Republic’s presentation at the meeting.

Town Council approved the $1.25 combined monthly increase ($0.25 for trash and $1.00 for recycling) at their June Council meeting.

Please look for more information regarding our trash and recycling services through inserts in your utility bill, on our social media accounts, and in our Simply Westlake magazine. Additionally, please be sure to go over an informational letter from Republic Services which can also be viewed here.

Additionally, we have recently partnered with Republic Services to conduct an audit of all residential trash & recycling carts being serviced in the Town. You may see a difference in your utility bill if we did not previously show the correct number of carts for your household. As a reminder, every home is granted one trash cart & one recycling cart included in the standard rate of $12.54 per month effective July 1, 2018.

Every additional trash cart is $4.33 per month (decrease effective July 1) and additional recycling carts are free.

As always, please feel free to contact any of the following with any questions or concerns regarding our Westlake trash and recycling services. 

Troy Meyer, Public Works Director, at 817-490-5735

Dianna Orender, Public Works Assistant, at 817-490-5732

Jeri Harwell, Republic Services Municipal Manager at 817-953-7224

AT&T Phone Lines Down Along JT Ottinger Road

Posted May 13th, 2019

AT&T notified Westlake staff earlier today that a phone line at SH 170 & JT Ottinger Road was damaged. Service to residents living east & south of the area may be affected. This outage may affect residents along JT Ottinger, Mahotea Boone, & Paigebrooke. 

Crews are currently onsite installing a new cable. Service should be restored late this afternoon.

Plastic Easter Eggs Are Not Recyclable

Updated April 11th, 2019

Per Republic Services:

An Easter egg hunt with colorful plastic eggs is a spring tradition, but you may want to consider an eco-friendly update this year. Plastic eggs are not recyclable, and some have been shown to contain lead paint and the harmful chemical BPA.

If you need to buy new eggs this year, look for ones labeled “BPA-Free.” An even safer option are the wooden, ceramic and cloth eggs available online and at craft stores. Many of these eggs have hollow centers so you can still fill them with treats for the kiddos. Whichever eggs you choose for your egg hunt, make sure they all get collected to avoid accidentally littering.

If you’re retiring your plastic eggs this year, either donate them or use them to make decorations such as Easter centerpieces and wreaths. Check out this article from Pop Sugar for more ideas.

Friday April 19 Trash & Recycling Collection

Posted April 18th

Town Hall will be closed on Friday, April 19th in observance of the Good Friday holiday. Trash & Recycling will be picked up, per the regular collection schedule. If you have any problems with your pickup, please email your Public Works Assistant at If you need immediate assistance, please call the Public Works On-Call number, 817-490-5729.

Winter Quarter Averages Will Show on April Bill

Updated April 3, 2019

Every year, residential sewer charges are determined by your water usage during the Winter Quarter (December, January, February). We calculated every resident’s average during the month of March, and you will see the changes on your March bill, issued April 8th. 

If you are new to Westlake, you will be assigned the system average (15,000) until you have resided in Westlake through a complete Winter Quarter. Your sewer charges may still vary, as the system average is the maximum you can be charged. So if you use less than 15,000 gallons of water in a month, you will be charged according to your usage. 

Please see our dedicated Winter Quarter Average page for more details.

Residents on Automatic Bill Pay Please Read
Updated December 3, 2018

If you signed up for auto-pay, now is a great time to double-check your account numbers & bill delivery methods. Cards expire, bank account numbers change, and email addresses get updated. The end of the calendar year is a great time to make sure everything is up to date!

If you are interested in signing up for an online account, here is the quick setup guide to get you started. Keep in mind that you must update your password before the system will give you access to most functions.

If you need help, please feel free to call (817-490-5732) or email your public works assistant, Dianna Orender.