Comprehensive Plan

Westlake sincerely appreciates the time and voluntary service of our residents, stakeholders, and members of the steering committee, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Town Council to come together and accomplish an updated comprehensive plan that our community is proud to bring forth and present as a guide for the future of Westlake!

Comp Plan Maps

You may find an interactive map of the Comprehensive Plan at this link or by using the map below.

Comprehensive Plan Download

Please note the Full Comp Plan is a rather large document and may take longer to download on various devices or connections. Specific chapters that are smaller in size of the Comprehensive Plan can be found in the links below for easier use.

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  2. Ron Ruthven

    Director of Planning & Development
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Ord 747 - Establish 2015 Comprehensive Plan

Ord 845 - Amending Land Use Plan for Open Space due to Knolls at Solana Development

Ord 878 - Amending the Comp Plan to establish Urban Lighting Zones

Ord 921 - Amending the Master Thoroughfare Plan

The Town’s Vision

The vision for Westlake is to create a community which builds on its existing high quality office park development and rural residential character, and which maintains and enhances the natural features of the community.

This vision of the town was developed from a workshop held with the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee as a representation of the fundamental objective of the community. While the first plan was originally published and adopted in August 1992, an extensive community wide effort was completed to update this plan and the new plan was adopted by the Town Council in March 2015.

Reflecting the Town’s Vision in the Comprehensive Plan

The vision is reflected in some key objectives of the town’s Comprehensive Plan:

  • Ensure a stewardship of the natural features of the land
  • Ensure that new development is in the best long-term interests of those who choose to live and work in the community
  • Maintain a rural character throughout the township
  • Protect the quality and character of existing development
  • Provide services and amenities for both resident and employee populations that come to Westlake

Contributing to Diversity Within the Region

The Town of Westlake is located within an urbanizing area between the DFW and Alliance airports. It has chosen to break up the relatively uniform pattern of suburban development that has been taking place in the area, thereby providing needed contrast in the land use and open space pattern and contributing to diversity within the region.

Momentum for this rural unique character has been established by existing residential areas and the development of Solana - a comprehensively planned office park. These developments have demonstrated an alternative to typical suburban development through quality site design, building form, and environmental sensitivity.

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Initiatives

  • Building Quality
  • Design and Development Review
  • Policies
  • Public Art
  • Transfer of Development Intensity
  • Unified Development Code

Through the above listed initiatives, Westlake is putting its Comprehensive Plan into action and using the vision of the plan to give form to the future of the Town.