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Latest updates from the Public Works Department regarding utility billing, street/sign maintenance, trash/recycling, and water/sewer repairs.

Accident on Hwy 170 Interrupts Power to Academy

Updated May 17, 2019, 4:15pm

Earlier this afternoon, a semi-truck was involved in a major accident on Hwy 170 at Roanoke Road. This resulted in a power outage at Westlake Academy and intermittent phone & internet outages at Town Hall. 

The situation has been cleared & services have been restored. If you are having problems with these services, please call the Public Works after-hours number at 817-490-5729.

Winter Quarter Averages Will Show on April Bill

Updated April 3, 2019

Every year, residential sewer charges are determined by your water usage during the Winter Quarter (December, January, February). We calculated every resident's average during the month of March, and you will see the changes on your March bill, issued April 8th. 

If you are new to Westlake, you will be assigned the system average (15,000) until you have resided in Westlake through a complete Winter Quarter. Your sewer charges may still vary, as the system average is the maximum you can be charged. So if you use less than 15,000 gallons of water in a month, you will be charged according to your usage. 

Please see our dedicated Winter Quarter Average page for more details.

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