Building Inspections


Requesting an Inspection

To schedule inspections you may use the 3 options provided below:

Inspections must be requested Monday-Friday by 3:45PM for next business day inspection.

The following information is required for all inspection requests:

  1. Permit # of the project
  2. Address of the project
  3. Type of inspection being requested
  4. Date the inspection is desired
  5. Name and contact information of the person requesting the inspection

Public Works Inspections

To schedule a public works inspection, please use the three options provided above.

Fire Department Inspections

To schedule a fire inspection, please request an inspection through MyGov or call the fire station at 817-490-5780. A three day advanced notice is required for all fire inspections. All commercial buildings are required to have an annual fire inspection as well as an initial fire inspection before opening their office to occupants.

Work Without A Permit

Absolutely no work is to commence until a tree protection and erosion control has been placed and a building permit is issued. Work without a permit is subject to revocation of permits and licenses with the town.

Authorized Construction Hours

Although there are no provisions for working hours, the Town of Westlake Code of Ordinances regulates noise. Between the hours of 7:00AM and 7:00PM is normal permitted construction hours. Between 7:00PM and 7:00AM, only work that does not create noise audible at the property line is permitted. Contractors are advised to check with the Homeowner's Association regarding work hour limitations.