Fire Inspections

To schedule a fire inspection, please call the fire station at 817-490-5786. A three day advanced notice is required for all fire inspections.

The following are the top ten most common problems encountered during inspections:

  1. Fire extinguishers out of service or missing
  2. Exit lights not working
  3. Extension cords used as permanent wiring
  4. Storage too close to sprinkler heads or ceiling
  5. Combustible materials too close to hot water heaters or heating unit
  6. Loose electrical wiring and gaps where breakers are missing in the breaker box
  7. Untested sprinklers, alarm and hood systems
  8. Locked or blocked exits
  9. Address missing
  10. Fire lanes need to be restriped

All commercial buildings are required to have an annual fire inspection, as well as an initial fire inspection, before opening their office to occupants.