Planned Development Ordinances



  1. Entrada

PD 1-2 | Entrada

Ordinance No.DescriptionDate
691Creating PD1-21/7/2013
703Amending Zoning for PD1-24/22/2013
720Approving development plan and engineering standards10/28/2013
721Partial Site Plan for Entrada Sales Office10/28/2013
741Approving a SAP for Entrada1/15/2015
742Approving a Finance Agreement with Entrada1/15/2015
743Approving a PID for Entrada1/15/2015
752Updating the PID for Entrada9/21/2015
759Approving a a Master Landscape, Lighting, and Paving Plan for Entrada12/14/2015
760Approving the Design Guidelines for Entrada12/14/2015
762Approving a Site Plan for CVS Pharmacy12/14/2015
763Approving a Site Plan for Primrose12/14/2015
771Approving a Site Plan for Retail Corner2/22/2016
777Approving a Site Plan for the Amphitheater3/28/2016
778Approving a Site Plan for parking near the Gas Pad3/28/2016
779Approving a Site Plan for Restaurant Row3/28/2016
783Approving a Site Plan for Block J Residential (Villas)4/25/2016
796Updating the PID for Entrada9/19/2016
810Approving a replat for Blocks L and Cortes Dr12/12/2016
837Approve a Site Plan for Block E Residential (Canal Homes)9/11/2017
838Updating the PID/SAP11/27/2017
843Updating the PID/SAP Parking Garage1/29/2018
847Approve a Site Plan for Block I Residential (Trevis)2/26/2018
853Approving a Site Plan for Wedding Chapel and Reception Hall4/30/2018
854Approving a Site Plan for Plaza Mayor5/21/2018
861Updating the PID/SAP8/27/2018
890Updating the PID/SAP8/26/2019
905Approving a Site Plan for Block N Mixed Use Building1/27/2020
906Approving a SUP for 10 Condominiums Block N Lot 11/27/2020
908Amending Ordinance 703 allowing for Private Sporting Clubs by SUP5/18/2020
909Approving a Site Plan for Block P Volta de Rei5/18/2020
910Allowing a Private Sporting Club for Block P5/18/2020
912Updating the PID/SAP08/24/2020
918Amending Ord 720 and 830 for the Entrada Development Plan10/26/2020
925Amending the Block E Site Plan to include a dog park03/29/2021
927Amending Ord 906 Conditions5/24/2021
930Updating the PID/SAP08/23/2021
933Amending the Entrada Design Guidelines removing illuminated channel letter signs08/23/2021
934Amending the Entrada Development Plan08/23/2021
935Amending the Entrada Zoning Ordinance 703 to allow for approval of a Residential Repository by SUP08/23/2021
940Approving an SUP to allow for a Residential Repository on Block C Lot 1 of Entrada09/27/2021
941Amending Ordinance 855 allowing for a maximum of 100 Condo Units for one building on the Plaza Mayor09/27/2021
  1. Granada
  1. Knolls at Solana
  1. Stagecoach
  1. Terra Bella
  1. Vaquero
  1. Westlake Ranch / Aspen Estates

Corporate Campuses

  1. Charles Schwab

PD3-5B | Charles Schwab

Ordinance No.Description
770Rezoning land in PD3-5 to create PD3-5B2/22/2016
826Approving a concept/development plan for Schwab Phase 15/22/2017
827Approving a site plan for Schwab Phase 15/22/2017
869Approving a concept/development/site plan for Schwab Phase 210/29/2018
886Approving a site plan for Schwab entry monument signage6/17/2019
889Approving a site plan for Schwab retail pavilion Phase 18/26/2019
  1. Deloitte
  1. Fidelity
  1. Solana

Circle T Ranch

  1. Supplement

PD 3 Supplement (Circle T Ranch)

  1. PD3-3
  1. PD3-4
  1. PD3-5A | Front 44
  1. PD36-6
  1. PD3-7
  1. PD3-8
  1. PD3-9
  1. Westlake Corners North
  1. Westlake Corners South

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